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At Dash Farrow, LLP, we understand that choosing the lawyer that is right for you is an important decision. With so much at stake, you want to be certain that the person guiding you through this journey is experienced, knowledgeable, and persistent. Our team is prepared to defend your best interests zealously, as we have done for countless clients in the past. Find out more about just a few of our success stories by reading on.

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    • Aggravated Assault/Resisting Arrest | Not Guilty Verdict/Full Acquittal Not Guilty

      Farrow’s client was charged with Second Degree Aggravated Assault in violation N.J.S.A. 2C:12-1b(1) and Resisting Arrest in violation of N.J.S.A. 2C:29-2a(3) in Woodlyn, Camden County, New Jersey. Farrow’s client faced up to ten (10) years New Jersey State Prison. After a jury trial, the jury found Farrow’s client Not Guilty of all charges.

    • Aggravated Sexual Assault, Armed Robbery, Kidnapping, and Burglary | Not Guilty Verdicts Not Guilty

      Farrow’s client and three codefendants were charged with Aggravated Sexual Assault, Armed Robbery, Kidnapping, Criminal Restraint, and Burglary in Edgewater Park, Burlington County. His client faced over sixty (60) years in New Jersey State Prison. After a jury trial, the jury found Farrow’s client Not Guilty of all charges except a lesser offense of Second Degree Robbery, and his client received only five (5) years in New Jersey State Prison.

    • Attempted Murder | Not Guilty Verdict Not Guilty

      Farrow’s client was charged with Attempted Murder in violation of N.J.S.A. 5-1; N.J.S.A. 2C:11-3 in Camden City, Camden County, New Jersey. Farrow’s client faced an extended term sentence of Life Imprisonment. Farrow obtained an expert to challenge the main witnesses’ testimony based upon evidence that was under the influence of alcohol at the time she allegedly observed the shooting. After a jury trial, the jury found Farrow’s client Not Guilty of Attempted Murder, and Guilty only of a lesser-included offense of Aggravated Assault in violation of N.J.S.A. 2C:12-1b.

    • Case Reversed and Remanded Three Years After Trial Case Reversed, Remanded for New Trial

      Over four (4) years ago, Dash Farrow partner Timothy Farrow filed a Motion to Suppress a key photo that the State intended to use to link his client to the double murder for which he was pending trial. The State had a search warrant for his client’s phone limited to calls, texts, and photos from the two (2) weeks surrounding the shooting. Farrow discovered that the photo had been emailed from the phone over a month and a half before the shooting and therefore exceeded the scope of the warrant. The trial judge denied the Motion and allowed the matter to proceed to trial, and after a lengthy trial and nearly deadlocked jury, the jury returned a guilty verdict. Today, nearly three (3) years later, the Appellate Division has agreed with Farrow that the evidence must be suppressed, and the matter must be reversed and remanded for a new trial.

    • Murder Trial Ends in Mistrial Hung Jury/Mistrial

      After a month-long trial and five (5) days of jury deliberations in Camden County Superior Court, the Court yesterday declared a mistrial based upon the jury’s failure to reach a unanimous verdict. Timothy Farrow’s client faces up to a Life Imprisonment, and a retrial has now been scheduled for April 17, 2017. “A Not Guilty Verdict in a Murder trial is never an easy decision for a jury to make, so I am pleased that at least some of the jurors were convinced enough to hold their ground. This is the second Hung Jury/Mistrial and my client has been in jail for nearly five (5) years, so a Motion to Dismiss will be filed prior to a third retrial.”

    • Murder Trial Ends Mistrial Hung Jury/Mistrial

      Farrow’s client was charged with Murder in Camden City, Camden County. His client faced a maximum sentence of Life Imprisonment. After a jury trial, the jury deliberated for several days but could not reach a verdict a mistrial was declared. Farrow then convinced the State to lower its original offer of thirty (30) years New Jersey State Prison to twelve (12) years New Jersey State Prison, and his client plead guilty.

    • State Offers Time-Served to Avoid Retrial of Murder | Plea Offer of Four Years in State Prison Plea Offer

      Timothy Farrow’s client was scheduled to start a second trial today on his charge of Murder in Camden County Superior Court. The first trial ended last June in a Mistrial, based upon the jury’s failure to reach an unanimous verdict. Based upon the mistrial and arguments and proof issues raised by Farrow in the first trial, the State greatly reduced its plea offer. Although the Murder charge carried up to Life Imprisonment, Farrow’s client accepted an offer of four years in State Prison, and based upon his credit for time-served, he is scheduled to be released next month on his sentencing date.