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Tim Farrow Winning in Mt. Laurel Municipal Court

Timothy Farrow has been a very familiar face over the years in Mt. Laurel Municipal Court, but not one necessarily one the Prosecutor looks forward to seeing. Over the last few months, he has had some hard-fought battles with criminal defense victories worthy of the effort.

In one case, a client was charged with DWI in violation of N.J.S.A. 39:4-50, and the client came to Farrow after she was not satisfied with the efforts of her prior attorney. After several efforts at negotiation with the Prosecutor, including presentation of an expert report, he was able to convince the Prosecutor to accept a guilty plea to a lower Tier 1 DWI instead of the original Tier 2 offense. The Prosecutor presented the plea, but the Judge would not accept the downgraded plea. Farrow was forced to appear yet another time and made another pitch himself to the Judge and finally convinced him to accept the plea. Farrow successfully lowered his client’s license suspension by four (4) months, from the original minimum seven (7) months suspension to three (3) months license suspension.

Farrow also was able to help two clients avoid a criminal record. One client was charged with Theft based upon the act really committed by another person. He was able to get that charge dismissed. Another client was charged with Disorderly Conduct and faced losing a job as a result. Farrow successfully got that charge downgraded to a local ordinance violation, which saved the client from a criminal record that would have caused him to lose his job and potential future employment.

Timothy Farrow, of Dash Farrow, LLP, is an experienced criminal defense attorney and former Prosecutor who handles these offense and crimes, misdemeanors, and traffic offense of all levels. When you need experienced, focused, and responsive legal help, call Dash Farrow, LLP at 856-235-8300 or contact us online. We serve individuals and businesses throughout Burlington and Camden County and all of South Jersey.