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Foreclosures Still on Rise in NJ

We Have Averaged 7 Weeks To Obtain Short Sale Approval Over The Last 12 Months

Foreclosure filings remain fast and furious in New Jersey. Many borrowers still find themselves in the difficult position of owing lenders amounts that far exceed the market value of their property. Short sales also continue to be the most attractive option for many New Jersey homeowners in this position, and the volume of short sales has led to slower approval rates statewide. The national average for short sale approval is currently around 4 months, while that average jumps up to 6 months for short sale approval in New Jersey.

Dash Farrow, LLP clients have averaged short sale approvals in 7 weeks for the past year.

Short sales are a viable option for many New Jersey homeowners as opposed to foreclosure which has long lasting negative implications. A short sale allows homeowners to sell their home for less than they owe, while forgiving them from paying the difference between the sale price and the amount owed on the loan.

The most important part of the short sale process is gaining lender approval, and that is where Dash Farrow, LLP has the specific background and knowledge necessary to represent homeowners. We pride ourselves in assisting sellers (and buyers) during the short sale process using our years of experience to ensure the quickest lender approvals possible for all of our New Jersey real estate clients.

Now more than ever seeking knowledgeable legal advice from an experienced New Jersey short sale attorney is essential when faced with a possible foreclosure. Dash Farrow, LLP, provides personal attention to each short sale case, and a high degree of responsiveness. We work hard to ensure each and every short sale transaction occurs as smoothly as possible.

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