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Update: Jury Returns Guilty Verdict in Double Murder Trial

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“It was a very challenging case, and even more so considering the jury did not have the option of lesser-included manslaughter charges. That among other potential appeal issues will be discussed with my client” – Tim Farrow

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“A jury found a Cinnaminson man guilty of all charges related to the brutal murder of his girlfriend and father last year in Mount Holly.

Dennis Pozniak, 29, was stoic in court while family members of his victims quietly wept as the jury returned the verdict Monday afternoon.

Pozniak was found guilty of fatally bludgeoning 25-year-old Nicole Wilson and her father, 52-year-old Bryan Wilson, with a pipe wrench as they slept late on the night of Jan. 30 or early on Jan. 31, 2015, at the home they shared on Washington Street.

After deliberating for a little over seven hours over three days — and for only about 20 minutes Monday — the jurors found Pozniak guilty of the two murders and two weapons offenses.

Sentencing is scheduled for Jan. 27. Pozniak, who is being held at the Burlington County Jail in Mount Holly, faces the possibility of life in prison.

“While I very much honor and respect the verdict of the jury, I am disappointed,” said Timothy Farrow, Pozniak’s attorney. “I will be consulting with my client as to his appeal options between now and sentencing.”

Farrow had argued during the seven-week trial that Pozniak did not knowingly or purposely intend to kill the two that night, and that years of mental illness and drug use, including on the day of the killings, led to his having diminished capacity and the inability to form intent.

Under state law, a murder conviction requires that a person knowingly and purposely killed another person.

Farrow argued that Pozniak was not thinking clearly in the days leading up to the killings. Tensions in the home, his worsening mental state, a lack of sleep and escalating drug use led to a “perfect storm,” but Pozniak did not intend on killing the family members.”

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