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Q&A with Tim Farrow, Chair of RUAA

Leading the Board: A Q&A with Tim Farrow ’99, Chair of the Rutgers University Alumni Association

Originally by Cathy K. Donovan at Rutgers Today

Tim Farrow, a partner at Dash Farrow LLP, where he practices criminal defense at all levels throughout South Jersey, serves as Chair of the Board of the Rutgers University Alumni Association. The board partners with the Department of Alumni Relations in the core functions of the department to further the goals of the mission of the RUAA.

Active in many Rutgers alumni activities, Farrow has previously served as vice chair of the RUAA, as chair of the RUAA Alumni Benefits Committee, the Awards and Recognition Committee, and the Nominations Committee. He also served as chancellor of the Rutgers–Camden Law Alumni Board. In addition to his Rutgers activities, Farrow is very involved in his home and professional community, including his current service as a board of education member and past service as president of the Burlington County Bar Association.

What motivated you to accept this position?

I have been on the RUAA Board since its inception in 2008, and it has been a very rewarding experience.  I have seen tremendous progress in terms of the impact we have had upon alumni engagement.  I am particularly excited about leading the Board at a time of momentous change throughout the University, and I look forward to sharing that excitement with all of our alumni.

What are the issues you’re tackling? Why are they crucial at this time?

The issues include continuing to promote and market the value of the RUAA, since we are still relatively new to the University in our seventh year.  We also are trying to enhance the role of our alumni volunteers with a specific focus on our 100 + chartered groups.  Other issues include student engagement, which is important so that we can educate students on the value of contributing to the University upon graduation.

Why should other Rutgers Law alumni be energized and more involved with the RUAA?

The law school is part of Rutgers University, so its success is contingent upon the success of the Rutgers brand as a whole.  Also, on a practical level, the professional and social network is exponentially larger when extended to the whole university alumni body.

Why are you proud to be a Rutgers Law alumnus?

Rutgers Law has a tradition of outstanding faculty, research, and clinical development.  It also has produced an incredible pool of successful alumni across the country.

Why do you think alumni should be excited about the now merged Rutgers Law School?

Having one Rutgers Law School will greatly enhance the reputation of both the law school and the University as a whole and offer greater opportunity to the students to diversify their law school experience.