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Moorestown Law Firm Represents Victims of Ponzi Scheme

Mastermind Stephan L. Schneider

Moorestown, N.J. – Benjamin L. Dash, Esq. and Mary Chatten, Esq., of the law firm Dash Farrow, LLP, are currently representing a number of victims in South Jersey and southeastern Pennsylvania in a Ponzi scheme, investment fraud and accounting malpractice case against Stephan L. Schneider, 70, of Philadelphia, who recently pled guilty to two counts of wire fraud.

Schneider, who claimed to be a Certified Public Accountant and an attorney, was an owner of Investment Holdings Group, Ltd. (IHG) and was affiliated with other businesses in the financial industry, including Consolidated Financial Management Services, Community Financial Services, LLP and New World Investors Society.

According to the FBI, who investigated the case, Schneider advised his clients to invest in tax-free municipal bonds through IHG but instead used that money to fund another business he owned. Schneider created false financial statements to convince clients the investments were legitimate. It is alleged that Schneider also committed malpractice in his other capacities in accounting and as a tax preparer.

“Our goal for our clients – those who fell victim to Schneider’s negligent and fraudulent actions – is to recoup their financial losses and to make them financially whole,” said Benjamin L. Dash, founding partner of Moorestown-based Dash Farrow, LLP, who is spearheading the malpractice case against Schneider.

Schneider’s crime was perpetrated upon a number of victims between 2006 and 2011. If you or anyone you know has sustained financial damage or loss as a result of any relationship with Stephan L. Schneider or any of his affiliated business entities, call Dash Farrow, LLP at (856) 263-3198.