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New Jersey Superior Court Rules in Favor of Dash Farrow Clients

Wronged Chinese Players at Atlantic City’s Golden Nugget Receive $1.5 Million Pay-out

August 31, 2012

Moorestown, N.J. – On Friday, August 31, the New Jersey Superior Court ruled in favor of the three Dash Farrow, LLP clients involved in the case of the 14 Chinese gamblers who were lawfully playing baccarat when they were allegedly falsely imprisoned and detained against their will.

The ruling stated the Golden Nugget must cash nearly $1 million in chips while the remainder of the claims are litigated.

“Friday’s ruling affirms the Golden Nugget acted inappropriately in singling-out and bullying these players and validates the fact they were horribly mistreated,” said Benjamin Dash of Dash Farrow, LLP.

The Golden Nugget admitted the gamblers were not at fault in any way. The players won more than $1.5 million, however the Golden Nugget refused to cash the chips and, in an unexpected move, filed a lawsuit against the players claiming the game was illegal, rendering the chips invalid. Dash Farrow filed a countersuit against the Golden Nugget claiming the chips are valid, discrimination and false imprisonment, among other claims.

Dash Farrow Lawyers File New Charges Against Golden Nugget For Defamation and Slander

Following the decision, Benjamin Dash notified the attorneys for the Golden Nugget of his clients’ intent to amend the counterclaims to include defamation and slander due to unprovoked remarks leveled against his clients by Steven Scheinthal, general counsel to the Golden Nugget.

In the presence of scores of people, including the press, Mr. Scheinthal repeatedly and vehemently described the players as “cheaters” and referred to them as “those 10-dollar bettors.” Dash said his clients considered these remarks derogatory and inappropriate, saying this is “further evidence of the racially motivated actions taken to date by the Golden Nugget.”

“These repeated accusations, especially after the Golden Nugget admitted in court that the players did not cheat, are inordinately offensive and exponentially inflammatory to anyone, and particularly someone from an Asian culture,” said Dash. “The players continue to feel their race and ethnicity were the motivating factor behind the Golden Nugget’s decision to invalidate the gaming chips in the first instance; profile for the purpose of detaining and interrogating them; and falsely imprison them without basis. They feel their civil rights are now further bolstered by the slanderous comments made toward them. ”

After publicizing they would redeem the chips, in yet another stunning move, the Golden Nugget filed an appeal of the Court’s ruling. The matter will now go before the Appellate Division.

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