The dips in the economy and the shaky real estate sector have led to numerous indictments for real estate fraud across the nation. While some individuals have knowingly entered illegal contracts or knowingly attempted fraud, oftentimes allegations are brought about because of:

  • one broker at an agency acting illegally;
  • innocent mistakes or oversights; and
  • buyers’ or sellers’ complaints when it’s actually just a case of buyers’ or sellers’ remorse.

 Types of Real Estate Fraud

There are a number of practices that could be considered real estate fraud, some of which include:

  • securities fraud;
  • foreclosure rescue/leaseback practices;
  • mail fraud;
  • financial elder abuse;
  • equity skimming;
  • nondisclosure;
  • antitrust violations;
  • misguiding buyers;
  • short sale fraud;
  • forged deeds;
  • excessive fees on refinance loans (predatory lending);
  • bad faith breach of contracts dealing with real estate; and
  • real estate wholesaling deception;
  • racketeering.

If convicted, you can face stiff penalties including prison time, fees, and probation. Not to mention the fact that your family and finances will suffer, and you will most likely lose your license to practice, essentially ruining your career.

Defenses Against Real Estate Fraud Charges

Because white collar crimes such a real estate fraud inflict harsh consequences, hire a real estate defense attorney if you’re under investigation. If you’ve already been indicted, hire an attorney immediately.

Avoiding incarceration and maintaining your professional reputation is your number one priority right now. Fortunately, there are a number of defenses that your attorney may utilize in your case.

A few possible real estate fraud defenses include: 

  • lack of fraudulent intent;
  • you had consent from the property owner;
  • mistaken identity; and
  • false accusations.

Sometimes, plea bargaining and direct negotiations may be a viable solution. The tactics and options that your attorney may suggest depend upon the circumstances of your charges.

Protecting Yourself with a Staunch Legal Defense Team

If you’ve recently been charged with or are under investigation for real estate fraud, you’re first order of business will be to discuss your options and your rights with a local, reputable attorney familiar with these types of cases.

Hire an attorney who has not only the requisite credentials, but also a deep understanding the of the relevant laws and defenses in the state of New Jersey and state of Pennsylvania. Find an attorney who knows how to handle all types of real estate matters, such as criminal charges, informal negotiations, real estate transactions, formal arbitration, and civil lawsuits. Ensure the firm to which you decide to entrust your case has the tools and resources necessary to fight on your behalf.

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