For many individuals, forgery is rarely thought of as a serious offense that could be categorized in the same realm as other, more well-known crimes. After all, forgery generally only occurs through the use of pen and paper and doesn’t deliver serious or even minor physical injury to anyone.

But while a forgery charge may seem inconsequential, the crime actually carries far-reaching consequences that could be detrimental to the future of the convicted. And if you have been charged with the crime of forgery in New Jersey, call a criminal defense attorney for legal counsel.

The Elements of Forgery in New Jersey

The basics of a forgery charge revolve around the idea that the alleged forger creates a piece of writing in any form and claims it to be the work of another individual.

Under the New Jersey Statutes 2C:21-1a, in order to be convicted of forgery, an individual must have: 

  • altered or changed “any writing of another without his authorization;”
  • made, completed, executed, authenticated, issued or transferred “any writing so that it purports to be the act of another who did not authorize that act…;” or
  • uttered “any writing which he knows to be forged in a manner specified” above.

In order to be convicted of the crime of forgery in New Jersey, the prosecution must show that an individual performed at least one of these three actions. Additionally though, the prosecution also must show beyond a reasonable doubt that the alleged forger performed the action “with the purpose to defraud or injure” another individual. Discuss whether your actions meet the criteria mentioned above and how you may defend yourself against these charges.

How a Defense Attorney Can Help Your Case

There are a variety of defenses that a defense attorney can employ in order to help your case.

First, it is possible to argue that you weren’t actually responsible for the forged writing and that it was the act of a third party altogether. This then would prove your innocence according to the first element, demonstrating your lack of action.

Beyond this, if evidence points to the fact that you did actually draft false documents, it is still up to the state to demonstrate that you did so with the intent to cause harm or injury. A defense attorney may create a strategy for you that indicates your innocence under this second element.

But be sure to consult an attorney about all of the facts of your case to explore whether these or other defense strategies apply to the circumstances of your particular case.

Consult Our Criminal Defense Attorneys

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