Video: Domestic Violence Consequences

Domestic violence is taken very seriously in New Jersey.

The first consequence is that if you are in a relationship with the person of live in the household, which is what makes it a domestic incident, the person can file a restraining order against you. A restraining order is not a criminal offense, however it carries very serious consequences.

If the restraining order is made final, it stays in effect permanently. A restraining order of course will prohibit you from having any contact with that person, and if you have any contact then you will be charged with contempt or violation of a restraining order and face a felony-level offense and imprisonment. And if you have a second conviction for that you will face a mandatory 30 days in jail.

Also, you may and most likely will be charged with the criminal offense of simple assault or if it is more serious injury you could be charged with the felony-level offense of aggravated assault. Simple assault carries up to six month in jail and up to a $1,000 fine. If charged with aggravated assault you can face anywhere from 5 to 10 years in state prison if a serious violation is charged.

Even if the person wants to dismiss the charge ultimately, quite often the state will proceed even without the victim.

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