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When you need a criminal defense lawyer in the Evesham Township area, you need an attorney skilled in defending against a wide range of criminal charges.

Ar Dash Farrow, LLP., our experienced legal defense team can anticipate what actions the opposition will take in light of our extensive knowledge of New Jersey law and our previous experience as prosecutors for the state of New Jersey. Our criminal defense lawyers represent those charged with offenses in federal, state, and local courts, and we handle a variety of cases including DWI/DUI, assault, drug possession, theft, robbery, marijuana arrests, and trespassing.

Serious Issues Require Serious Counsel

You need a local south Jersey lawyer with substantial experience in successfully defending people against criminal, DWI, and DUI charges in Evesham Township. Before you head to the courthouse on Tuckerton Road to face criminal charges issued by the Evesham Police Department or the New Jersey State Police make sure to contact us.

When you need experienced, focused, and responsive criminal, DWI, or DUI legal help in Evesham Township, NJ contact Dash Farrow, LLP

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